Wisconsin Lock & Load is committed to providing safe, secure, and humane conveyance of detainees and mental health patients to their destinations in a professional, effective, and efficient manner, always mindful of the safety of the community.

  • Lock and Load Employees

Professional & Courteous

Our agents consist of previous Law Enforcement, Military, and Security personnel. Agents go through a stringent psychological evaluation, drug screening, polygraph test, as well as thorough federal and state background investigations. Agents are instructed to treat all detainees with respect and dignity.

Highly Trained & Skilled

Each of our agents are trained using a customized training program developed by retired Brown County Sheriff's Department Capt. Randy Revling at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Our company has specific procedures  for taking custody, restraining, and transporting detainees. all agents are firearms certified by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing. extradition agents use discreet tactics which follow TSA and FBI regulations for transporting fugitive detainees on commercial airlines.

Secure & Dependable

All vehicles are equipped with professional prisoner transport containment systems, as well as state of the art audio video surveillance equipment. Detainees are restrained with hand-cuffs, belly chains, and ankle restraints. Other custom humane restraints are utilized on an as needed basis. Inmates and mental patients are delivered in a timely manner due to our highly effective logistical planning.